DSPSR: Build and Installation

After checking out the source code from the Git repository, it is necessary to select the instruments for which you will require support. Only the code required for the selected backends will be compiled into the DSPSR library.


  1. Include only what you know you need in backends.list, as not all backend-specific code is well-behaved and some can interfere with others.

  2. The ability to read a DADA file is built in to dspsr by default. Including "dada" in backends.list enables the ability to connect to a DADA ring buffer in shared memory; this requires installation of PSRDADA, which is useful only if you intend to implement real-time pulsar instrumentation.

To select the backend support to be compiled, create a text file named backends.list in the top build directory; i.e. the directory in which you type "make". backends.list must contain a whitespace-separated list of the sub-directories of Kernel/Formats to be compiled; e.g.

bpsr caspsr fits sigproc

After creating backends.list, the code can be compiled and installed with the following commands:

make install
Important note: The default installation directory is $PSRHOME/$LOGIN_ARCH. If the PSRHOME environment variable is not set, /usr/local will be used instead. If you wish to install in another directory, please read the detailed Installation notes.